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Steel and metal processing

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? Cierres del Hogar’s expert technicians explain some of the main concepts related to the design and development of the company’s metal enclosures: types of materials, features, applications… Find out all the details involved in manufacturing Cierres del Hogar steel and metals.
How can I purchase?
The usual way our products are sold is through one of our distributors. Please ask for the contact details of the collaborator closest to you.
How are Cierres del Hogar products sold?
Our metal profiles are ususally sold in packages (the number of units depends on the product) of six meters long. Some profiles are also manufactured to other lengths and can be customised upon request.
Who makes the gates?
Cierres del Hogar has a regular transport service that covers the entire Iberian Peninsula. It also disàtches to any other international destination. The merchandise can also be collected directly from our facilities in Gijón, Asturias, 33211.
What materials are used to make Cierres del Hogar metal profiles?
Cierres del Hogar mainly manufacture galvanised, cold rolled, pickled and hot rolled steel. It also manufactures some profiles in stainless steel, aluminum and corten steel.
What does galvanised Z140, Z200, Z275 or similar mean?
When it comes to galvanised steel, the thickness of the coating is a critical parameter: the value that accompanies the “Z” indicates the grams of zinc coating per square metre. Obviously, this parameter has a great impact on the durability of the material. Cierres del Hogar galvanised products have a minimum Z200 coating.