Security lateral guides

The inner flanges on the guide provide an additional security factor by retaining the side skids of the slats or rods.

Dimensions (mm)thickness (mm)Weight (Kg/m)Finishings
30x30x13*1,51,296Galvanized and stainless steel
30x35x17*1,51,331Galvanized and stainless steel
50x30x13*1,51,752Galvanized steel

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Special Courts
San Salvador de Bahía

The thickness of the facade has been covered with an Aluacero panel. The multi-perforated model allows light to enter the rooms. These micro-perforations enable correct ventilation of the facade and the panels, preventing overheating.

The lacquering on the panels makes the building stand out and gives it a much more modern appearance.  

It is quick to install and does not require highly skilled labour.

Juzgados Especiales - Panel Aluacero