Aluacero® panels

Security and ventilation in harmony with architecture

ALUACERO PANELS, with an international patent, are the only panels on the market that are manufactured with concealed ventilation openings under the folds of the panel itself, in a continuous process, in steel, aluminium and copper.

Aluacero blind panel drawing

Aluacero blind panel

Aluacero panel with windows drawing

Aluacero panel with windows

Micro-perforated Aluacero panel drawing

Micro-perforated Aluacero panel

Aluacero multi-perforated panel drawing

Aluacero multi-perforated panel

ALUACERO PANELS are the combination of a laborious research process into developing a product that is at the leading edge of ventilated cladding and enclosures. They are designed as a barrier against vandalism and external aggressions, making them a special security element for all types of works.

Starting from coils in a continuous process, Cierres del Hogar’s technology enables theoretically unlimited panel lengths to be manufactured, for supply at the desired measurement.

Aluacero panel machine
Aluacero panel machine
Aluacero panel machine


Up until now, installing facades, decorative cladding, vertical walls, sun shades and any architectural intervention that requires ventilation is carried out by assembling slats one by one, whose separations allow noise and rain to pass through and do not offer security against vandalism.

The comparative benefits of ALUACERO PANELS with respect to individual slats mean that slats are obsolete. Saving more than 80% on labour, ALUACERO PANELS are also a reference in terms of aesthetics and security.


Aluacero panel with windows
Aluacero multi-perforated panel

When architects, engineers, decorators and facade installers take on an enclosure project that must have ventilation, or simply decoration, they do not always have adequate information. The usual solutions are assemblies with slats installed one-by-one, which requires slow and meticulous work, in addition to higher budgets.

Today there are other factors that play an important role that mean the way of working must be changed, because the success of any project depends more than ever on innovation and the intelligent combination of new materials and working techniques.




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