Side guides


Cierres del Hogar’s main concern in manufacturing guides for metal roller shutters is SECURITY. It manufactures a wide range of guides to meet any requirement.


Conventional guide

Conventional guides

Several steel conventional guide sizes in U are available for any type of rollable shutter.

Security guides

Security guides

The inside tabs of the guide provide an additional security factor as they retain the lateral side locks of the slats or rods.

dovetail guide

Guides with dovetail

An enclosures professional would install metal shutters in such a way that they do not make noise with the vibrations of the wind when they are lowered, disturbing passers-by and neighbours.

anti-wind guides

Anti-wind guides

A double guide especially designed to offer maximum security. The nylon or steel clasps fitted on the ends of the slats slide on the inside tube, preventing the slats from coming off the guides if there is pressure on the curtain of the shutter.



Anti-wind guide

Anti-noise guide

Guides designed to prevent all kinds of noise caused by metal shutters. The rubber seals prevent the slats and guides from knocking together, reducing noise and preventing dust from getting in.

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