Aluacero® panels

Aluacero® Venetian panel


Aluacero® Venetian panels (P59x35) are manufactured in blocks of 5 or 11 blind or ventilated slats. Ventilation is achieved through windows or micro-perforations concealed under the folds, or using the entire surface on the multi-perforated model. The different types of panels can also be combined in one job.

Aluacero Venetian panels are a specially designed to manufacture cladding for facades, acoustic screens, enclosures, gates, ventilation grilles, awnings, terrace covers, sunshades, etc. For installation they come with frames with laps to bind on site, or without lap to affix directly to the wall.




Aluacero® Panel - 11 blind slats

Aluacero® Panel - 11 blind slats

Aluacero Panel 11 slats with windows

Aluacero® Panel - 11 slats with windows

Aluacero Panel - 11 micro-perforated slats

Aluacero® Panel - 11 micro-perforated slats

Aluacero Panel - 11 multi-perforated slats

Aluacero® Panel - 11 multi-perforated slats


Aluacero Panel - 5 blind slats

Aluacero® Panel - 5 blind slats

Venetian panel - 5 slats with windows

Aluacero® Panel - 5 slats with windows

Venetian panel 5 micro-perforated slats

Aluacero® panel - 5 micro-perforated slats

Venetian panel 5 multi-perforated slats

Aluacero® panel - 5 multi-perforated slats

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