Aluacero® panels

Aluacero aluminium panels

In the search for increasingly more versatile, light and environmentally-friendly materials, aluminium is considered one of the best options and should be taken into account in any new project or refurbishment. Aluminium has advantages that are difficult to find combined in just one product: very durable with no maintenance, proven resistance to corrosion, insulation power and easy handling as it is a lightweight material.

In terms of the physical construction, aluminium is a good heat conductor, providing exceptional advantages to facades.

With Aluacero panels the free circulation of air avoids heat accumulation and their low density of 2.7 g/cm3, a third of the density of steel, means that the weight per square metre is very low with respect to other alternative cladding materials.

Aluminium is classified as a non-combustible material, which is why it is accepted as a fire-resistant construction material.

If there is a fire, the aluminium panels act as effective barriers, preventing the fire from spreading.

Aluacero aluminium panel corners
Aluacero aluminium panels


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