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Aluacero copper panels

Copper is an economical alternative because it does not require maintenance or cleaning. It is a comparatively good investment, at a reasonable initial cost.

It belongs to the least corrodible family of metals, just after precious metals such as gold, which is found in its native state in nature, in other words in pure metallic state.

It is distinguished for its extraordinary finish and durability characteristics, it is suitable for facades, awnings, porches, chimneys and endless applications as it is the only material that resists corrosion and ageing, oxidation is exactly what it uses to protect itself.


Aluacero copper grille


Copper booth

The visual effect of copper over time is a symbol of longevity, architectural elegance and distinction. When it is profiled it is hardened by cold deformation that provides great mechanical resistance and tenacity.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has revealed that copper is the only metal in the world that has beneficial properties in preventing pathogenic agents.


Round copper grille
Copper panel