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THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE. A revolution in sunshade systems.


Aluacero multi-perforated sun shade
Aluacero sun shade with windows


If your project requires the installation of adjustable sun shades, ALUACERO PANELS offer the best solution, with four slat models to meet all requirements: blind, with windows, micro-perforated or multi-perforated, in different widths.

Aluacero sun shades



Aluacero sun shades


There is no company in the market at this time that has such a wide variety of sun protectors at unbeatable prices, in steel and in aluminium.

Sunshades manufactured with Aluacero panels do not darken the interior and enable the outside to be seen, as opposed to conventional aircraft wing type sun shades that darken spaces and require artificial lighting and air conditioning when they are closed.

Aluacero panels guarantee natural light and the entry of fresh air even when the sun shades are completely closed.


Aircraft wing sun shades

These sun shades with conventional slats imitating the wing of an aircraft do now allow the street to be seen when they are closed, and darken the rooms inside. They also transfer a lot of heat to the inside.

Deteriorated aircraft wing sun shades

Conventional aircraft wing type sun shades  do not offer security.


Aluacero: sun shades that renew the architecture

The new line of aluminium or steel sun shades has been designed to guarantee ideal conditions for aeration, light and inside temperature regulation.

When the outside temperature is hot, Aluacero sun shades enable windows in offices, work centres and bedrooms to be left open at night with no danger, while fresh air penetrates through the perforations in the panels.

Aluacero turning sun shades
Aluacero turning sun shades

Translucent interiors with Aluacero panels

A star has been born in the universe of modern architecture. Aluacero multi-perforated panels protect inside spaces from the sun's rays and allow the air to circulate, creating a healthier climate in work centres.

Aluacero multi-perforated panels enable problems to be resolved that up until now were difficult to solve. They block direct sunlight and its reflection in residential and work spaces and provide a surprising amount of light.

The multi-perforated panels diffuse the natural light and transmit it to the inside of buildings and houses, while at the same time maintaining visibility to the outside and preserving privacy.

Aluacero sun shades

Aluacero panels are the only ventilated panels that offer security against vandalism, resistance to impacts and wind load.

Aluacero sun shades

Aluacero panels guarantee the entry of natural light and fresh air even when the sun shades are completely closed.

Solar protectors for continuous surfaces or large spaces

There are currently no better solar protectors available in the market than those offered by Aluacero panels. Their spectacular size is suitable for large dimension facades such as sports centres, airports, hotels, offices and schools.

The slats are manufactured in widths up to 650 mm. Their unique accordion folding design makes them resistant to impacts and wind load.

Aluacero sun shades


Aluacero curved sun shade slat
Aluacero sun shade curved slat

Sliding doors and windows

The double windows are a great solution in solar protection and ventilation. Installed in front of windows or doors, they enable air and light to enter while at the same time avoiding direct sunlight and preventing outside people from being able to see in.

When they are closed they act as a security element against robbery and vandalism, while the inside windows and doors can remain open.

Aluacero sliding sun shades

Aluacero panels are the future of sun shades

As architecture changes over time, construction materials are developed to adapt to new demands in society.

Aluacero turning sun shades


Multi-perforated sun shades
Fixed sun shades